Sunday, June 30, 2013


I am one of those people who dream every night and it seems to be late in the night almost early morning.  Some people dream in black and white while others dream in vivid color.  Some people dream like they are watching a movie and they are in the movie while others dream and see things through their own eyes. 

I don't remember all my dreams but some are reoccurring or have the same theme.  One that I have quite often is I'm late for work and I try to call in to let my boss know and I can't get through.  Either the line is busy, or for some reason I keep dialing the wrong number, or it rings and rings and rings or when I try to dial the number on my phone, I keep hitting the wrong keys and I have to start over.  All I know is it is very frustrating and in my dream I never get to talk to my boss.

Another dream I have quite often is about work.  My first job I ever had was working at K-Mart.  I dream I go back to work there but never check the schedule to see when I might be working.  I just show up at odd hours hoping to still have a job and the funny part is, I do.  They never fire me.

I also dream of a person I had a crush on in high school.  He visits me in my dreams at least one a month, usually just someone in the room or seated at a nearby table in a restaurant.  Rarely to we exchange conversation but it's so odd that I still think about him and in my dream, he looks like he did 30 years ago but I am old.

Dreams are very strange.  Why do we have them?  Why do we remember some and forget others?  Have you ever had a feeling when you meet someone you met them before or have you ever been in a situation and you feel like you've been there before?  They say, you already lived it, in your dreams.