Sunday, June 30, 2013


I am one of those people who dream every night and it seems to be late in the night almost early morning.  Some people dream in black and white while others dream in vivid color.  Some people dream like they are watching a movie and they are in the movie while others dream and see things through their own eyes. 

I don't remember all my dreams but some are reoccurring or have the same theme.  One that I have quite often is I'm late for work and I try to call in to let my boss know and I can't get through.  Either the line is busy, or for some reason I keep dialing the wrong number, or it rings and rings and rings or when I try to dial the number on my phone, I keep hitting the wrong keys and I have to start over.  All I know is it is very frustrating and in my dream I never get to talk to my boss.

Another dream I have quite often is about work.  My first job I ever had was working at K-Mart.  I dream I go back to work there but never check the schedule to see when I might be working.  I just show up at odd hours hoping to still have a job and the funny part is, I do.  They never fire me.

I also dream of a person I had a crush on in high school.  He visits me in my dreams at least one a month, usually just someone in the room or seated at a nearby table in a restaurant.  Rarely to we exchange conversation but it's so odd that I still think about him and in my dream, he looks like he did 30 years ago but I am old.

Dreams are very strange.  Why do we have them?  Why do we remember some and forget others?  Have you ever had a feeling when you meet someone you met them before or have you ever been in a situation and you feel like you've been there before?  They say, you already lived it, in your dreams.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Heat

Last night we went to see "The Heat", a movie starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.  I had seen the previews when we went to see another movie starring Melissa McCarthy called "Identity Thief" and it had been on my "must see" list since then.

We love Melissa McCarthy and watch "Mike & Molly" every Monday night.  When she was on SNL the first time, some of those skits were the best I've seen in a long time.  I guess you could say her career is red hot right now and it seems everything she touches turns to gold.

Her latest role as Shannon Mullins in "The Heat" did not disappoint.  Besides the language, which I don't know why they feel it is necessary, it was a really good movie.  Very funny and well worth the price of admission. 

To see my full review follow the link below.  Have a great weekend!

The Heat Review

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Contact Info

Since I don't think I've ever actually posted all this on my blog, and since people are asking, here you go:

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Many people were born lucky; things just happen to them and for them.  It's like they exist under a constant rainbow of Skiddles.  I've never been one of those people. 

I've worked hard for all I have.  I went to college and earned a Bachelors degree, while working full-time with two children under the age of six.  I continue to learn new things and not long ago I enrolled in a one year creative writing course, to learn how to write children's books.  In January my husband and I went to a cooking class.  It was lots of fun and I wouldn't mind doing it again.  I taught myself to knit several years back and I made enough scarves, if tied end to end, I could have scaled the Empire State Building. 

Currently, I am trying to memorize all 50 states, in alphabetical order, in addition to their state capitol.  I'm not sure why I want to do this but it seems interesting to me.  So far, by the way, I've memorized all the A's; Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas.  I know I have a long way to go but I don't mind and it's fun for me.  Did you know that 32 of the 50 states end with a vowel? 

But the best luck I've had was the day I signed with my publisher, Brighton Publishing.  They are the kindest, nicest bunch of folks and they treat me like family.  We don't talk or communicate every day but I know they are there if I need them.  They always answer my phone calls and Kathie responds to emails so quickly.  The things they have taught me about the publishing process are priceless and they always offer words of encouragement and ideas on how to take my books to the next level. 

Yesterday Kathie sent me this link.  Click on it and remember to thank God for your blessings.

Enjoy : )

Awesome Book Trailer!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


As you know from my prior posts, I am a dog person.  Always have been and always will be.  While I am a dog person, I do love all of God's creatures and can't stand seeing pictures or hearing stories of animal abuse of any way, shape, or form.  That's another reason I love my best friend Sue.  She is to cats what I am to dogs.  She thinks they are the superior pet.  This is one of those "agree to disagree" things I wrote about a few days ago.  :)  But I must admit, there are few things as adorable as a newborn kitten.  If I wasn't allergic to cats I'm sure we would have had one at some point. 

This is where Sue takes up the slack.  She likes to rescue cats.  At one point she had twelve indoor cats and I'm sure would have added more if she could.  Strays, kittens, unwanted cats; they were all welcome in her home.  When she had twelve cats, one became gravely ill and after a visit to the vets office, she was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia which is highly contagious.  The virus is shared in saliva and nasal secretions.  When cats share the same litter box, food/water dishes and have a tendancy to groom each other, it is easily transferred.  There are even stories where an infected mother passes the disease to her kittens, either before they are born or while they are being groomed and fed as babies. 

Once one of the cats was diagnosed, Sue had to have all of them tested.  As it turns out, three of the twelve had the virus and had to be put down.  Sue felt horrible.  She thought she was doing a good thing by giving them all a home yet, in reality, she was doing more harm than good and her intentions, no matter how noble and good, backfired.

For one reason or another, she is now down to five cats and I believe it is much more managable.  Even though it didn't turn out the way she hoped, I know she still earned a jewel on her crown for trying to make a difference. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Do you ever play games on your computer?  I don't mean the ones you have to buy or that you play on-line with a bunch of other people you don't know, I mean the original "vintage" ones, like Solitaire, Spider and Free Cell; the ones that actually come free with the software.  I don't know why but I love these games.  When I finally win I feel like I can accomplish great things. 

Solitaire is fast paced and you can play 15 - 20 games in as many minutes.  I don't win that one very often but I have found the secret to winning is playing your cards on the ace piles. I used to think it was better to form great big long rows starting with the king all the way down but that doesn't help you win.  Play those cards on the ace pile as soon as you can. 

Spider is a bit more complex.  After playing solitaire for a bit, I switch to spider and it takes me a few minutes to realize I am no longer playing black on red or red on black.  I've screwed up many a game stacking these incorrect cards on top of one another, only to find I'm so buried by the time I realize it there's no digging out.  That's when I just restart the game.  Sometimes I find it hard to believe it's possible to win every game.

Free cell is probably the easiest of the three.  I win more often than not.  There's no secrets there, just luck. 

My mom and dad, who are in their late 70's and 80's never touched a computer until we gave them one we were upgrading from and now they sit and play card games several times a day.  They talk about games they've won and games they've lost.  They talk about the games they like and the ones they don't like.  We even bought my dad a hunting game and he can go wild turkey hunting any time he wants.  You should see him brag when he gets a 21 pounder.  I think it keeps their mind fresh.  They know how to turn on a computer and use a mouse and a keyboard.  I'm very proud of them because they keep learning; all thanks to a couple of "vintage" games.

Many people find these types of activities of waste of time and I can see that.  But to me they are relaxing and a great way to wind down after you've been doing real work on a computer all day. One of my favorite comics is a picture of these older gals sitting in an office environment.  One said, "The computers are down so we have to do everything manually today."  The next frame they were all sitting there playing Solitaire on their desks with a deck of cards.  That's some funny stuff!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Z is for Zombie!

I did something this past weekend I thought I would never do; I went to see a zombie movie.  My best friend and her son came out to spent some time with me and my son and we decided to go see a movie.  Since the movie we wanted to see wasn't out yet, we agreed on World War Z.  I had seen the trailer and I must admit, it seemed interesting. 

So we got our 3-D glasses and sat waiting for the movie to begin.  Looking around the theatre, besides the four of us, I believe there were only about 5 to 10 more people which is sad considering it was opening weekend and the hype surrounding this movie was off the charts. 

It just goes to show you, sometimes if you step outside your comfort zone, things will surprise you.

You can read my complete review here:

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Let me start off today's blog by saying these are actual stories, things that have happened to me or my family.  I find them very humorous but they could be a bit on the rated PG-13 side.  That being said, here we go.

When my daughter was about 3 years old, she walked into the bathroom to find my husband standing, facing the mirror, shaving.  He was only wearing his underwear and at the time, he wore bikini briefs which didn't leave much to the imagination.  My daughter honed in on his crotch.  She looked at his crotch then glanced up to his face, then looked at it again and looked at his face.  Finally she said, "You got poop in there?"  My husband was flabbergasted.  What was he supposed to say to a 3-year old little girl?  So, thinking it was the easy way out he said,  "Yes, yes I have poop in there."  Problem is, a 3-year old can't keep a secret so she told everyone at daycare her daddy poops his pants.

When my son was around the same age we went to visit my parents who live two hours from us.  They have several acres of land and my dad has a 4-wheeler that my husband and kids like to ride.  My husband took my son for a ride and decided to go down the street a little ways because it wasn't as bumpy and rough as the land mom and dad live on.  They came to the top of a hill and there on the side in a pasture were a cow and a bull going at it.  My husband started to panic knowing my son was going to ask what they were doing.  When they got closer my son glanced over and said, "Look Daddy.  That cow is giving that other cow a piggy back ride."  My husband breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Yes, isn't that nice?"

When I was in high school my mom was a nanny for a pretty predominant judge in our area.  One morning I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and the youngest one, who was probably 4 or 5 at the time, came in.  They were like family.  We took them with us on vacation and they spent the night quite often.  Allie looked at me and said, "Can I watch you put your Tampax in?"  I was shocked!  What on earth was she talking about?  I said, "Excuse me?"  Again she said, "Your Tampax.  Can I watch you put her Tampax in?"  I stammered and stumbled and finally said, "I don't think that's a good idea."  Then she pointed at my CONTACT case and said, "It's just that I've never seen anyone put them in before."  She meant CONTACTS, not TAMPAX. 

I hope I made you smile today.  If I did, my job is done :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs

I am a dog lover; actually I love all animals but dogs are my favorite.  I have been a dog lover for my entire life and always wanted one in the house; one that could sleep with me and follow me around.  One that would think I hung the moon and the stars.

My dad was never one for animals in the house.  He was raised on a farm where all animals stayed outside and served a purpose.  Growing up we always had hunting dogs of some sort; beagles, blue tick coon hounds, etc.  These were working dogs and they did what they were supposed to do and then they went back into their pen and waited for the next opportunity to do what they were supposed to do.  Don't get me wrong, we treated them very well.  They were loved and taken care of.  When the weather was cold Dad always gave them extra bedding and made sure to go out a few times a day to check to make sure their water wasn't frozen, but they never came in the house no matter what.

When I graduated high school, I told my parents all I wanted for my graduation present was a dog in the house.  I always had my heart set on a toy poodle but the neighbor across the street was getting rid of one of her dogs and I saw it as my chance.  His name was Tikey and he was a Snoodle.  He blended in well with our family and soon it was hard to imagine what it was like before he came.  Since I worked, Tikey stayed at home with my mom most of the time and they formed a very close bond; so close in fact when I left home at age 21, mom wouldn't let him go with me.  So he was no longer my dog, but my mom's dog.

I got married at age 22 and my new husband was very much into sports.  Every night of the week he played or did something different;  basketball, bowling, working out, softball, etc.  He was never home with me.  One night I gave him an ultimatum.  Either you give up some of the sports and spend more time with me or get me a dog.  Without batting an eye he said, "What kind of dog would you like?"  That is how Freddie, our Yorkshire Terrier became part of our family.

Of course, convinced that Freddie was lonely, about a year later we added Lacey, a Maltese.  Both Freddie and Lacey have since passed away and we liked the breeds so much, we decided to try to find a mix of the two for our next dog.  At the time, they were not easy to find.  Called a Morkie, they bring to the table traits and personalities from both breeds, without (hopefully) the breed specific medical issues.

We found Boo (named because she was born on Halloween) and about 6 months later we found Sully (Boo and Sully from Monsters, Inc.).  Once again our home was full of barking, sloppy kisses and tiny footprints.  A year or so later they were joined by Mali (pronounced may-lee which means honey colored in Hawaiian - I had just returned from a trip).  Three Morkies with three different personalities all made our home and our lives complete. 

We still have the three Morkies but last fall we had a new addition to our family.  She was a rescue dog and "supposed" to be my daughters (I'll take care of her.  I'll feed her.  I'll take her for walks.  I'll run the vacuum twice a week) but you know how that goes.  She is a Puggle named Princess and so different than our three.  First off she sheds which has taken some getting used to.  Being part beagle, she is a runner.  If she gets out just watch the blur because she is gone!  She is also a pig when it comes to eating.  She eats like it could possibly be her last meal.  Another thing is her bark is so deep and she howls.  She doesn't like the tone the alarm clock makes so she sits and howls at it until we turn it off. 

I thought my heart was full with the three Morkies and never knew I needed another dog but Princess has brought more life and laughter to our home.   Open your heart, you never know what might find it's way in.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Personal Space

I know human beings are curious by nature.  I understand people want to know things but it always amazes me how people, practically strangers, think they have the right to ask really personal questions.  Yes, I am an author.  Yes, I guess that makes me a public figure.  I don't mind answering questions about my books, the titles, where I got the idea, how long it took me to write them, where I come up with the characters, etc., but when you ask me how much money I've made so far, that is crossing the line.

You wouldn't walk up to a person who is a doctor or a CFO for a major company and say, 'How much money do you make?' so why is it okay to ask me?  That's right up there with 'how much do you weigh' or if you are past the age of holding up fingers, 'how old are you?'  Some things are better left unasked or unsaid.  Think before you ask and if it's a question you wouldn't want to answer, then don't ask someone else.

Today's Quote:  Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Best Friends

Some people go their entire life without have one true best friend.  My daughter has several she refers to as her best friend but I've had only one in my lifetime.  I met her when we were in the 11th grade.  From the moment we met, we hung out together all the time.  Her name is Sue.

She had a car and could drive so she took me places.  Her car was a Dodge Swinger.  It was a pea green color.  You had to fasten the seat belts together all the time or it would buzz really loud.  This was in the day and age before it was mandatory so when you climbed into the car, the seat beat, which was just a lap belt back then, was already fastened and in the seat so you had to sit on it. 

The radio in the car didn't work so there was a transistor radio that sat in the front seat in the middle.  The antenna was a coat hanger.  But we didn't care.  It was a car and it got you from point A to point B.  Not like nowadays when kids want "cool" cars and won't settle for anything less. 

Even though we no longer live by each other, we still communicate almost daily.  She's my facebook friend and we text and email.  Rarely do we actually talk but we do get together every couple of months and do something, usually go out to lunch or dinner.  Food seems to be a big part of our life.

Over the years we have had arguments and disagreements but when the going gets tough, she is in my corner and I'm in hers.  We can be brutally honest with each other and even though it hurts sometimes, we need to hear it, even if we agree to disagree.

This past March we went on a 8 day vacation to California.  We had so much fun and it was wonderful spending so much time with her.  I hope we can do it again someday, once we get this one paid off :)

I love you Suzie! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Amish Country

I live in Ohio which I believe, is the state with the second largest population of Amish, Pennsylvania being the first.  All we have to do is travel south about an hour and it feels like you have entered a different time period.  Buggies carrying families down the road is a frequent site, as is entire families out working in the garden in anticipation of the fall harvest.

I have been to the Amish Country countless times but this time we actually did something we have never done before.  We visited the Rolling Ridge Wildlife Ranch in Millersburg.  It was so much fun.  You board a horse drawn buggy with several other folks and it pulls you through the most beautiful country you can imagine while animals of all shapes and sizes descend upon the wagon to get food.  There were buffalo, llamas, pigs, ostriches, zebra, ducks, water buffalo, long horn cattle, elk and deers of all different species.  We picked a great time to go because there were so many babies and the babies are adorable.  We saw two pot bellied pigs that were born the night before and several fawns that had been born within the last week. 

The ranch covers several hundred acres and it took us an hour to ride through, with frequent stops to admire the surroundings.  The animals are so tame and come so close trying to stick their noses in a bucket of food.  My foot was licked more than once by something and I was just thankful it stopped at a lick :)  We were told at one stop the animals will try to take your bucket of food so my husband made it his mission to keep that from happening.  It was quite a struggle as he was holding on with both hands but the Elk won.  He tipped his head back and emptied the entire contents of the bucket into his mouth and then dropped the bucket on the ground, to join several others.

I am not much of a zoo person because I think it's cruel to keep such beautiful animals confined to such small areas purely for the enjoyment of others but this ranch was awesome.  Rolling hills, ponds, streams and trees of all sizes and shapes and the animals could roam as far as they wanted.  A high fence surrounded the entire ranch so no outside animals could get in (ie coyotes or wolfs) so the animals are safe in their own little world. 

Below is a picture of one of the elks (I believe) getting up close and personal with my daughter and her fiance (notice the llama looking on).  Also another one of a couple of deer standing at the back of the wagon.  The bottom picture is of a water buffalo doing what they do best, stay in the water, while a giant bull stands next to the wagon.   It was surreal to be so close to these beautiful animals.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Even though I'm middle-aged, I am still fortunate to have my dad and he is still pretty healthy for his age. My dad is one of the sweetest, funniest, nicest people and I'm so glad to be his daughter.

His sense of humor keeps me laughing.  Having been born in Virginia, all the one liners and things he says are so unique and funny.  Like he'll say, "I'm feeling as fine as the hair on a frog's back."   I got him a game for Father's Day and on the front it said FOR AGES 8 to 98.  He said, "I have 18 years to play with this."  You can't find these in any book and that's what makes them so special.

Yesterday him and mom actually came up and spent the night.  The older they get, it happens less and less frequent but I always love having them here; I love taking care of them for once.  I heard someone ask him if he was going to be home the last weekend of the month so they could come visit.  He said, "We're always home.  We're probably there now," as he was sitting in my living room. 

For Father's Day I got him a new fly swatter.  The one he had was probably 30 years old.  He called it an antique.  I think it had more duck tape than it did swatter material holding it together.  I asked him once why he doesn't use camouflage tape so the fly doesn't see it coming.  I think I get my sense of humor from him. 

Anyway, Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there.  I hate to break this news to you but I got the best one.

I love you Daddy.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blockbuster Movie

Yesterday I took my son to see The Man of Steel.  We went to the first showing and the theatre was about half full.  Considering it was a Friday morning at 11:45, I guess that's pretty good.  As I've mentioned before, my son is 15 and he gave the movie 10 out of 10.  I, on the other hand, am not 15 and I gave it about 5 out of 10.  I have never read a comic book.  I don't really understand them.  I don't understand what the big deal is.  Besides having superhuman powers, in general I think the life of a superhero would leave a lot to be desired.

Throughout the movie, I kept asking my son questions as I did not understand a lot of things.  The pieces-parts just didn't mesh together very well and I left the theatre with more questions than answers.  I guess movies such as this are just meant to entertain and that's something I can live with.

Below is the link to my full review on  There was one line in the movie that stated Superman is hot and yes, yes he is :)

Have a great Saturday.

Man of Steel Review

Friday, June 14, 2013

Public Life

Being an author is a surreal feeling.  Typically I live as my normal self; working, eating and sleeping.  It's those times I get to go out and make an appearance of some sort as R. K. Avery that make me feel alive.  I feel like I'm playing a role of another person and R. K. Avery is a lot more interesting than little ole me.  People actually come out to see me.  To meet me.  To shake my hand.  To get my autograph.  I hope it's something I never get used to and never take for granted.

I have been fortunate enough to have several press leases issued on my behalf.  I have several of them framed and hanging in my office next to my computer so I can see them a realize why I enjoy writing so much.  There are links to each on my website if you'd like to read them. 

The latest was released yesterday, June 13th.  It's very well written and mostly about my second book, Not My Mother's Son.  If you haven't had a chance to read the book, please do and drop me a line and let me know what you think.  I always enjoy talking to those that have read my books.  Their encouraging words keep me doing what I love to do.  The links for the latest press release and my website are below.

Press Release - June 13, 2013

R. K. Avery Website

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.”
~ Oscar Wilde


Thursday, June 13, 2013


Nineteen years ago today my little girl was born.  It was 5:35 AM and after being 8 days late, she was ready.  She came out perfect; beautiful pouty lips, blue gray eyes, with ten little fingers and ten tiny toes.  When I looked into her eyes I felt a love I had never felt before.  I said a prayer asking God to watch over her and protect her when I was not there.

Through the years we have had our ups and downs.  I've been angry, she has been angry, we both have said and done things I'm sure we regret but at this point I can say, she is one of best friends.  She has grown into a mature, beautiful person and I am so proud to be her mom.

That being said, how can I have a daughter who is 19 when I'm only 29?  lol

Happy Birthday Kayla.  I love you with all my heart.  Great things are yet to come. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


When you are an author and your work is out there for the world to see, you will get reviews.  Some are welcome and others are not.  Some are good and others are not.   Today I received a so-so review and I'm still wrestling with how I should feel.  On one hand, a review is a review and regardless, it's publicity; yet on the other hand, my skin is not as thick as I would like and it still hurts.

It's funny to me that some people LOVE my first book Be Careful What You Wish For while others are not all that thrilled.  Then others LOVE the second book Not My Mother's Son while others are not all warm and fuzzy about it.  Then some LOVE the first book but don't care for the second and vice-versa.  It just shows how everyone has a different opinion of what they like or don't like.  It's not the quality of the writing or what you have to say, it's just different tastes and that's okay.  Differences make us all unique.

Remember, there is no such thing as a bad review.  Any time your name and your work are mentioned out there, it's a good day.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Feeling nostalgic today

Every year on Memorial Day as many are honoring our fallen heros and those who continue to fight to give us freedom, I am actually sad.  Not sad because it's Memorial Day but sad because in a the blink of an eye it will be Labor Day and summer will be over. 

When I was younger it seemed like years between Christmas' and birthdays.  My mom always told me the older you get the quicker time passes and I never believed her but now I do.  Live each day to the fullest.  Things happen so quickly and we don't get any do overs.

One day you will just be a memory for some people.  Try to make it a good one.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Movie Review - Now You See Me

Below is a link to my latest movie review.  My son wanted to see Now You See Me so he showed the trailer to my husband and I.  The trailer looked awesome so when it came out, we decided to go.  Since movies in general cost so much, we try to go to the matinees.  So on Saturday morning we decided to go to the 10:20 movie.  My son, who likes to stay up until the wee hours because he's still at the age where he thinks it's cool, was out cold.  We knocked on his bedroom door and he didn't answer.  We entered and pulled back his covers and he moved, only to flinch and pull the blankets up again.  When we told him we were going to go see the movie he wanted to see, he said he would rather sleep. So hubby and I went alone.  Needless to say, the movie was a bit of a disappointment.  Check out my review and subscribe :)

Have a blessed Monday.

Movie Review for Now You See Me

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Son

My son is 15 years old and trying his best to test authority.  He doesn't feel anyone should be able to tell him what to do; me, my husband, or  his teachers.  We have taken away all his "toys" (X-Box, PS3, laptop, kindle) and offer things for him to "earn" them back.  Yesterday we told him if he would mow the lawn, he could have his laptop back.  Needless to say my husband and I mowed the lawn.  He wants everything, yet he doesn't want to do anything to earn them.  Please say a prayer as we work through this.  I don't want him to hate us, yet I want him to respect us and realize that we are still the adults and the ones that hold the power in this relationship.

Think happy thoughts!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Just Random...

I am trying to become more diligent about posting things on my blog.  Up to this point I haven't had any followers so it seemed like a waste of time to me but I'm trying to look on the positive side.  The better I get and the more I learn, I hope to have some blog blasts and contests in the future.

I am almost done with the edits to Reflection In The Mirror and plan to send it off to my publisher by the end of June.  I hope they like it.

It has been cold and rainy here for about a week.  It's almost mid-June.  That means isn't supposed to be summer-like?  The grass needs mowed, the weeds need pulled and the house needs cleaned.  Why couldn't I have married for money instead of love?

Hope everyone has a great weekend.