Thursday, August 29, 2013

Good Luck or Bad Luck?

Today when I pulled into the drive-thru line at my first stop of the day to get my daily dose of caffeine, a black cat ran across my path.  Me, being an animal lover, am always taken off guard when a domestic animal of any sort is out roaming around.  I have to quell the urge to stop my car immediately and try and rescue them.  I once stopped my car and picked up a German Shepherd that was standing in the middle of my street.  I took him home and my husband said, "Why did you kidnap the neighbors dog?"  I took said dog back and deposited him right where I found him, but on the side of the road.  I didn't want my good intentions to get me in trouble for dog-napping.

Anyway, after the black cat disappeared into the night, I started thinking about black cats and why some people think a black cat crossing your path is a sign of bad luck.  Of course I knew nothing on the subject so I had to do a little research.  Turns out it dates back to the 1560's when stories of witches and trickery were running rampant. 

One story stated where a man and his son were walking and a black cat crossed their path.  They threw stones at it and finally, it limped away to find rescue in its owners house, who was a well known witch in the area.  The next day, the witch came out of her house, bruised and limping which started the rumor that a witch can transform themselves into a black cat so they could go unnoticed as they prowled the streets during the Salem Witch Hunts.

Today I don't think many people buy into the superstition but I have heard animal shelters refuse to adopt out black cats around Halloween for reasons I'd rather not think about.  It is interesting to note in some cultures a black cat is given as a wedding gift which is thought to bring good luck to the bride. 

Regardless, I personally believe a person creates their own luck.  I has nothing to do with a black cat, a lucky penny or breaking a mirror.  I hope your day is filled with happiness and a little luck.

R. K. Avery

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Best Laid Plans

Yesterday I started my day at 4:30 when the alarm went off.  I drug myself out of bed and got dressed and ready for work.  I always try to stop a moment in the morning and give our 4 dogs a treat of some sort.  They don't eat breakfast until my husband gets up a couple hours later.

On my way to work I was yawning and exhausted.  I promised myself when I got off work later in the day, I was going straight home, putting on my pajamas, curling up with a good novel, and taking it easy, maybe even falling asleep early.  The perfect evening in my book.

Shortly before I left work my son called and said he needed two pairs of basketball shorts by today for Gym class.  Okay, I can swing by Champs, get the shorts and still be home in plenty of time to do what I planned to do.  Of course once I went to Champs, which was next door to Cold Stone Creamery, it would be a sin not to stop in and get an ice cream, wouldn't it? 

Okay, back in the car on my way home.  My phone rings.  It's my daughter.  She is searching the house high and low for something and asked if I had seen it.  Of course I hadn't.  She said it was laying on the counter top in the kitchen and now it was gone.  She asked if I could help her look when I got home.  I told her I would help and we looked and looked and looked and some time later she found the item, up in her room, where she left it. 

By now it was late and my plan of putting on my pajamas and curling up with a good book seemed to be a mute point.  I finally climb into bed around 9:00, exhausted and drained certain as soon as my head hit the pillow I would be out.  My daughter comes into my room, turns on the light, and is holding our dog Boo.  Boo is the matriarch of the hounds.  She will be 10 in October.  My daughter asks me if it looks like Boo's face is swollen.  She has a lot of hair but sure enough, after an examination, her face under all the hair is HUGE and her right eye is almost shut.  She looks like a hedgehog.  We wrap a Benadryl in some bologna and she eats it but she can't relax; constantly digging and rubbing all over the furniture and floor.  Something is bothering her that's for sure.  Did she get stung by a bee?  Bit by something?  Whatever it was, her face was getting bigger by the minute.

I'm still exhausted but now I can't seem to sleep thinking her windpipe might close up and cause her to suffocate.  She finally settled down and slept by my legs.  All night long I kept reaching down to make sure her body was still warm.  This morning, you will be happy to know, her face isn't nearly as bad.  I think she's on the mend.

Tonight when I get off work I'm going to ... never mind.

Best laid plans....

R. K. Avery

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Special: Excerpt from Not My Mother's Son

Special treat today.  I am going to provide an excerpt from my second book, Not My Mother's Son.  I've been doing so much publicity and press for the first book, the second one is feeling neglected :)

"David and Rich were becoming really good friends, and he shared with Rich he had started reading the journal, which seemed to make Rich really happy.  David learned that Rich decided to become a police officer after he saw his best friend, Buster, shot and killed in Detroit when they were in high school.  They had gone to the movies and were laughing and talking about the antics of Axel Foley, the main character on the big screen.  Waiting for their ride to pick them up, without thinking, they started walking down the street, and when they crossed at an intersection, Buster was gunned down, simply because he put his foot down on the wrong side of town.

Rich wrapped his arms around Buster and pulled him back across the street, cradling his head on his lap, holding and rocking him until the ambulance arrived, but by then it was too late.  Still, after all these years, when Rich spoke about it, he could picture the chain of events so vividly in his mind; Buster walking about two feet in front of him holding a white paper cup from the theatre filled with ice and what was left of his root beer; the old red and brown graffiti-laden brick buildings; the flashing 'walk, don't walk' sign; the steam coming from the manhole covers; the tiny twinkling lights going around and around on the marquee above the entrance to the movie theatre; sound in the distance of dogs barking, babies crying; sirens off in the distance; and people yelling.  Then the bang and the sound of Buster's head hitting the concrete.  He hit the ground so hard, blood actually splattered backwards, hitting Rich smack dab in the face.  Buster's cup hit the ground as the lid came off and ice scattered across the street and sidewalk.  It all happened so fast, at first Rich wasn't sure what had happened, but when he realized, it didn't take him long to figure out if he would have been the one in front, it would have been him killed that night, instead of Buster.  Because of that brush with death, and lack of closure and prosecution since the person responsible for Buster's death was never caught, Rich knew he was meant to do something meaningful with his life.

"I promised Buster, when he lay dying in my arms, I would devote my life to protect innocent people from the same fate he had."

David, sensing the mood was getting way to heavy, blurted out, "Buster?  Are you seriously telling me the kid's name was Buster?  Are you sure you aren't talking about a dog?" David laughed.

Rich smiled and shook his head.  "That was his nickname, smart ass."  The trust and camaraderie between them was growing stronger every day.  Soon it would be put to the test."

Buy your copy today!

Link to Amazon! Only 2 left in stock and on sale for $11.66! 

R. K. Avery

Monday, August 26, 2013

Time is Running Out!

Only 5 more days until the virtual book tour that has been bouncing around cyberspace since August 5th comes to a close.  It is going really well and so many wonderful people have left such awesome comments.

At the time of the writing of this post, there were 14,615 entries to win either a $25 Amazon Gift Card or an autographed copy of my first book, Be Careful What You Wish For.

If you haven't checked it out yet, now is the time to do so before it's too late!  Virtual Book Tour Link

Good luck to all of those who have entered!

R. K. Avery

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer is Officially Over

I used Grammerly to grammer check this post because I was too busy picking out just the right accessories for my outfit. 

Some parents love it.  Some parents hate it.  Some kids love it. Most kids hate it.  What am I talking about?  Why the first day of school of course.  It comes quick no matter how you look at it. 

I usually leave the house around 5:00 each morning but today, the first day of school, I left a little bit later so I could see my baby on his first day of high school.  I was curious what he would wear.  He got up and took a shower and brushed his teeth twice.  He blow dried his hair so it would have the perfect swoop in the front.  He put in his contacts, which is new from last school year; no more glasses.  He picked out his favorite new outfit (which, as a side note, he asked us to wash his shirt at 9 o'clock last night because he had worn it earlier in the week) gathered his school supplies and started filling his back pack.  This year his back pack is one of those small ones with the strings for handles.  I guess he is too cool for a normal one. 

It is bittersweet.  I want him to grow and learn and be successful.  Yet I want my little baby back.  The little guy who refused to talk in Kindergarten until after Christmas break.  The little guy who wore what we bought him and looked forward to carrying his new Spiderman or Star Wars back pack on the first day of school.  Now it's all about DC or Osiris shoes.  Only American Eagle or Aeropostle shirts will do.  And his pants have to be dark, none of this stonewashed or denim blue like dad wears.

Our job as parents is to love them and teach them and then let them go.  Enjoy every minute of it.  It goes by way too fast!

R. K. Avery

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Going to Hell in a Handbasket

Do you ever wonder where sayings come from?  Things like 'going to hell in a handbasket' or 'kick the bucket'?  Why have these catch phrases become such a popular part of our language and when you say them, everyone knows what you are talking about but do we really know what they mean?

I am going to spend several posts highlighting catch phrases and common sayings.  I have often thought of compiling many (several hundred or so) and making a book out of it, just because I think it's interesting and I'm sure others do as well.

Today I am going to tackle 'going to hell in and handbasket.'

When you picture a handbasket, what comes to mind? I think of a cute little basket, maybe filled with fruit or something cuddly, like puppies or kittens.  Something like this:
So when did that image become associated with going to hell?  Let me do a full disclosure here and now.  Since I don't know all the answers, I have consulted the Internet and most of my findings were found on The Phrase Finder

To be 'going to hell in a handbasket' is to be rapidly deteriorating - on course for disaster.

During my research I found it isn't cut and dry why a cute little handbasket was chosen as the means to take people to hell.  One theory states decapitated heads were caught in baskets and the owner of the head was thought to be going straight to hell.  Others believe a handbasket was used to signify something done easily and quickly.    

Phrases such as 'going to hell in a wheelbarrow' and 'going to hell in a basket' were used early on but never gained the notoriety as 'going to hell in a handbasket'.  Many people seem to think it's because of the 'H' which added a little catchiness.  However, 'going to hell in a handcart' was also used, it also has the 'H' but never caught on.

The first example of 'hell in a handbasket' in print was in 1865.  It was used in Winslow Ayer's account of the American Civil War. I can understand the word 'hell' being used to describe war, but the use of the word 'handbasket' still baffles me.

I guess we will never know why a handbasket was chosen as the preferred vehicle to fire and brimstone but when I get to heaven, I'll make sure and ask the All Knowing Man Upstairs.

Have a great day!

R. K. Avery

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


If you've never visited my website, it's pretty cool.  It has a lot of information about me and how I started writing.  I recently added background music that is positively eerie. 

There is a tab that has book reviews posted so if you are thinking about purchasing one of my books, you can see what others have to say.  Speaking of purchasing a book, there is a tab with a direct link to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

Would you like to meet me in person?  Check out the Appearance tab and mark your calendar.  My next public appearance as R. K. Avery will be in September at the Bedford Heights Weekend of the Pooka event.  I went last year and had a blast!  If you click on the link, scroll down and click on the Meet the Authors link on the right side.  All the authors that will be appearing are listed and R. K. Avery is on the very top!    

Never seen my book trailers?  No problem.  There is a special tab for all my book trailers as well as a tab that has a link to all the press releases about me and my writing. 

That being said, if there is anything you'd like to know about R. K. Avery and you can't find it on my website, go to the Contact Me tab and send me an email. 

I appreciate you!

R. K. Avery

Monday, August 19, 2013

So Much Fun!

I always have so much fun playing the role of R. K. Avery and Saturday was a huge success.  Book sales are not the way I gauge the success of a book signing even though I did double my sales from my first one, but I just enjoy meeting my fans.  So many nice folks stopped by to say hello and to hear my story.  People are always fascinated that I was actually kidnapped from a beach at the age of 25 months which is how Be Careful What You Wish For acquired its roots and grew into an 80,000 page novel.

I don't know about you but when I read a book, I form a bond with the characters.  I almost feel like I know them and we are good friends.  When a book ends, many times I'm not ready to say goodbye to the friends I've made.  After all, I've invested many hours "talking" to them through the pages of the book and I want to know what happened next.  I want to know what they are doing and how things are going.  This is how Not My Mother's Son came to be.

My third book, which is at Brighton Publishing right now, is called Reflection in the Mirror.  It is a different story, with different characters, but a few of the characters from the first two books pop their heads in to say hello.  It's a reunion of sorts and it felt good bringing these fictional friends back to life.

No matter what, I hope you enjoy reading my books.  I put a lot of my heart and soul into them for all the world to see.  I hope they keep you on the edge of your seat and I hope you are surprised by what happens.  I like to keep you guessing :)

Here is a pic of me at the meet and greet, book signing.  There will probably be another one next year for Reflection in the Mirror.  Hope to see you there!

R. K. Avery

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Come see me Saturday

I don't mean to beat a dead horse but one final reminder about Saturday.  I will be at The Learned Owl Book Shop in downtown Hudson, Ohio at 1 PM.  Would love to see you!

Everyone who comes out to meet me will receive a bookmark.  Special thanks to my daughter and her wonderful team of friends and co-workers at Scratch Off Systems who put it all together for me.

Can't wait to meet you and yes, I'm just as pretty in person, lol.

R. K. Avery

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How many jobs have you had?

This month I reached a milestone with my employer.  I have been working for the same employer for 10 years.  I know in this day and age, it is uncommon to work for the same company for a long time.  I know several people who have jobs, who like their jobs, but are always looking for the next job, or the next opportunity, or a way to make more money.  Sometimes the only way to make more money is by switching employers or switching jobs.

I like what I do and I have no plans of leaving anytime soon but this got me to thinking.  What is the average number of jobs a person has in their lifetime?  I'm  not sure if every job is counted but the statistics I found stated the average man works 11.4 jobs and the average woman has 10.7 jobs.  Here is a rundown on all the jobs I have had to see if the statistics are correct:

1.  I had a paper route - 2 years
2.  I worked at a party center washing dishes - 1 year
3.  I worked in retail - 4 years
4.  I was an Office Manager at a condominium management company - 2 1/2 years
5.  I worked in Human Resources at a scrap metal company - 11 years
6.  I did payroll/human resources at a commercial real estate company - 3 1/2 years
7.  I have the job I have now, doing payroll and other financial tasks for a health insurance company - 10 years
8.  Author

Okay, that equals 8 jobs.  I guess I am not normal.  Time to turn in my resignation.  I need two more jobs for the statistics to be right.  Wait a minute.  Dogsitter and mother.  There -- I'm good.

Have a great day and may you love what you do!

R. K. Avery

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mark Your Calendar

This Saturday I will be having a meet & greet at The Learned Owl bookstore in historic downtown Hudson.  I will be there from 1:00 - 2:00 PM.

The Learned Owl is an independent community bookstore that has withheld the test of time.  It is located about halfway between Cleveland and Akron.  They have three floors of books for all ages and interests, from classic picture books to travel guides to the latest New York Times bestsellers.  If they don't have a certain book in stock, they can usually order it.  They also offer an out-of-print search service.

How to get there ~
* Coming from Akron: Take Route 8 north; get off at the Hudson-Peninsula exit, and turn right onto 303 eastbound. Once you get into town, turn left onto 91/North Main St., then left at the next light onto Clinton, and park in the parking deck.

* Coming from Cleveland: From 480 East, take the Hudson exit. Turn right onto 91. You'll leave Twinsburg, and enter downtown Hudson. The Learned Owl is on your right, just before the first downtown traffic light. You can park on the street, or turn right onto Clinton St. and park in the parking deck.

Stop by to say hello, let me know you have been reading my blog, browse and enjoy their old-fashioned atmosphere, up-to-the-minute book selection, and unparalleled service. 

Spread the word and hope to see you there!

R. K. Avery

Monday, August 12, 2013

Block Party 2013

It's over for another year.  Each year on the second Saturday in August, my family and I host a block party/corn roast for our entire neighborhood.  It's a wonderful way to catch up with everyone and meet the new neighbors while missing those that have moved on to bigger and better things. 

This year we found out one of our neighbors has stage 4 kidney cancer.  We have not seen him since last year's block party and it was shocking to see him several pounds lighter and walking with a cane.  He's putting up a valiant fight and has come a long way so maybe he will come out the victor in the fight against cancer.  We only hope and pray he does.

Another neighbor stopped by with regrets that she couldn't come.  They had planned too but had just gotten a phone call her 4-year-old grandson had just drown in a swimming pool and they were on their way to Michigan.  She said they had revived him but it didn't look good.  My thoughts and prayers were with her and her family throughout most of the party. 

Others who typically brought their children came solo; the kids are now old enough to go off on their own and decided hanging with friends was more important than hanging with a bunch of old people. 

There were divorces, deaths, marriages, graduations and babies.  It's funny how it seems things never change but when you look at the whole picture, it's really that things are never the same.  You can look out your window and see your neighbors busy doing something or going somewhere .  You assume they will always be there and then one day you see a FOR SALE sign in the front yard and before long they are gone, replaced by a new set of neighbors.  You stare at the same trees year after year and they look like they never change yet if you look at a picture a few years earlier, you will see how mother nature has taken over and even the trees have grown up.

Take time to appreciate your neighbors and get out and talk to them.  There is so much more to life than just keeping the grass mowed and the driveway shoveled. 

R. K. Avery

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Required Reading

My son is not a reader.  There I said it.  I said it out loud.  I am a writer and love literature more than just about everything and my son, my own flesh and blood, hates it.  He would rather spend countless hours in front of his computer playing Diablo or Minecraft or, if he's allowed, PS3 or Xbox. 

Each year I cringe when the required reading lists come out (just the name required makes it much worse than it is).  On one hand, I love the fact that he is being forced to read.  I am hoping one day it will all come together and he will think, "You know, this isn't so bad."  Yet on the other hand, summer is summer.  When I was younger, when the final bell rang on the last day of school it was all fun and games until the first bell rang in the fall.  None of this required reading and school work for the summer.  The jury is still out on how exactly I feel about it.  But I digress.

We get the list and look to see which of the many books listed are the worst of the lot.  I try to find something I think he would enjoy but if it's a book, and it has pages, pages that you have to turn with your very own fingers, he's not interested no matter how good it sounds.  I try to read them first just so I can ask him questions to make sure he understands the material, and also to show him, "Mom is reading them and she doesn't even have to" hoping it might make the pill a little easier to swallow.

This year we decided to do something different.  I gave him the month of June.  During the month of June there was no mention of the books.  He was on summer break for one month.  On July 1st, the deal was he was to crack open book number one and read.  I was not going to pester him.  He knew he had two books to read before school started and, going into the 9th grade, I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and the responsibility of getting the books read.  My thought was he should read the first book in July and the second in August.  An entire month to read ONE book.  There would be none of this "down to the wire" stuff that we experienced in previous years where I felt so stressed out and it didn't seem to phase him.  That, mark my words, was not happening this year.

He just finished the first book over the weekend and has started the second book.  The second book is To Kill a Mockingbird.  I read it for the very first time.  I know, a literary classic and I just got around to reading it.  First off, I'm a little confused about the title.  Killing a mockingbird was only mentioned once in the book and very lightly at that.  Why they named the entire story after that small mention, I don't get it.  Second, it was a good book but it is very prejudice and racial slurs are common place.  Come on people.  Paula Deen was fired for less and this book is required reading for school children? 

So here we are, down to the wire.  He has calculated how many pages he has to read everyday in order to finish in time.  I'm not stressing about it - much easier said than done. 

Now, if you want to read some good literature, can I recommend a book by R. K. Avery?  She's really good and the 'N' word is no where to be found :)

Happy Reading!
R. K. Avery

Monday, August 5, 2013

Watch out Blogosphere

Join R.K. Avery, author of the mystery/thriller, Be Careful What You Wish For, as she tours the blogosphere August 5 – 30 on her first Book Blast with Pump Up Your Book! R.K. will be giving away a $25 Amazon GC/Paypal Cash and a signed paperback copy of her book to one lucky reader! To enter, follow the links below and good luck!


Bunting Valley, North Dakota—a scenic and picturesque town where nothing dreadful ever happens—is a place where people feel safe leaving their front doors unlocked and their cars running in the driveways. So when beautiful, blue-eyed, three-year-old Maggie Taylor mysteriously vanishes, the Bunting Valley Police Department begins a kidnapping investigation that uncovers unthinkable crimes spanning many years—not only in Bunting Valley, but also in surrounding states and jurisdictions.

Bea Miller is a penniless widow, living a meager existence among the town’s residents with her four young, rambunctious boys. Her entire life she wished and dreamed of having a little girl of her own. When everything she did to have one of her own failed, Bea takes matters into her own hands and lives by the chilling words of her estranged father, “If you want something, take it.”

She and the boys visit a local beach and find the little girl of her dreams. She snatches the girl and they disappear in seconds, only to leave the parents bewildered and devastated.

Through the handwritten journals of Bea Miller, she takes you on a journey into the deranged mind of an individual who believes you can make your own wishes come true—at any expense; and sadly, also at the expense of others.

Purchase your copy:


R.K. Avery


As a recent graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature, R. K. Avery has written numerous, unpublished, children’s picture books, but her true passion is writing adult fiction.
“Having the ability to make people laugh or cry, just by using the written language, is a gift so powerful and I hope, one day, my name will be among those who possess it” ~ R.K. Avery

Be Careful What You Wish For is a psychological thriller.  She calls it “works of fiction with truth sprinkled throughout” and is available for sale in both e-Book and paperback or wherever fine books are sold.  Having been kidnapped from a beach as a small child, she has pondered time and time again what her life may have been like if her story didn’t have a happy ending.  Now she wrote her own ending.
R. K. Avery lives in Northeast Ohio with her husband, two kids, and four dogs.  She often jokes instead of a sign that says, “Don’t let the dogs out,” she has a sign that says, “Don’t let any more dogs in.”

Visit her website at

Connect & Socialize with R.K.!


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R. K. Avery

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Life Must Go On

I have not posted on my blog for a week as my brother-in-law passed away last Friday morning, July 26th, at the age of 49 from cancer.  I was out of town and didn't have access to a computer but I needed the time to be with my family and mourn his loss. 

He was just diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer on July 4th.  In March he had a complete body scan and was cancer free.  This just goes to show you how quickly this horrible disease takes over and claims a life.  I was on the phone with my sister a week before he died and he was in the background and he yelled, "I love you Rocky."  That's the last thing he ever said to me and I will never get to hear his voice again.  He will be greatly missed. 

I want to share the poem that was on the inside of the pamphlet handed out at the funeral.  It fits him to a tee. 

A Heart of Gold

A heart of gold stopped beating,
Two shining eyes at rest,
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He only takes the best.

A million times we've needed you,
A million times we've cried,
If love alone could have saved you,
You never would have died.

It broke our hearts to lose you,
But you didn't go alone,
For part of us went with you,
The day God called you Home.

R. K. Avery