Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer is Officially Over

I used Grammerly to grammer check this post because I was too busy picking out just the right accessories for my outfit. 

Some parents love it.  Some parents hate it.  Some kids love it. Most kids hate it.  What am I talking about?  Why the first day of school of course.  It comes quick no matter how you look at it. 

I usually leave the house around 5:00 each morning but today, the first day of school, I left a little bit later so I could see my baby on his first day of high school.  I was curious what he would wear.  He got up and took a shower and brushed his teeth twice.  He blow dried his hair so it would have the perfect swoop in the front.  He put in his contacts, which is new from last school year; no more glasses.  He picked out his favorite new outfit (which, as a side note, he asked us to wash his shirt at 9 o'clock last night because he had worn it earlier in the week) gathered his school supplies and started filling his back pack.  This year his back pack is one of those small ones with the strings for handles.  I guess he is too cool for a normal one. 

It is bittersweet.  I want him to grow and learn and be successful.  Yet I want my little baby back.  The little guy who refused to talk in Kindergarten until after Christmas break.  The little guy who wore what we bought him and looked forward to carrying his new Spiderman or Star Wars back pack on the first day of school.  Now it's all about DC or Osiris shoes.  Only American Eagle or Aeropostle shirts will do.  And his pants have to be dark, none of this stonewashed or denim blue like dad wears.

Our job as parents is to love them and teach them and then let them go.  Enjoy every minute of it.  It goes by way too fast!

R. K. Avery