Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How many jobs have you had?

This month I reached a milestone with my employer.  I have been working for the same employer for 10 years.  I know in this day and age, it is uncommon to work for the same company for a long time.  I know several people who have jobs, who like their jobs, but are always looking for the next job, or the next opportunity, or a way to make more money.  Sometimes the only way to make more money is by switching employers or switching jobs.

I like what I do and I have no plans of leaving anytime soon but this got me to thinking.  What is the average number of jobs a person has in their lifetime?  I'm  not sure if every job is counted but the statistics I found stated the average man works 11.4 jobs and the average woman has 10.7 jobs.  Here is a rundown on all the jobs I have had to see if the statistics are correct:

1.  I had a paper route - 2 years
2.  I worked at a party center washing dishes - 1 year
3.  I worked in retail - 4 years
4.  I was an Office Manager at a condominium management company - 2 1/2 years
5.  I worked in Human Resources at a scrap metal company - 11 years
6.  I did payroll/human resources at a commercial real estate company - 3 1/2 years
7.  I have the job I have now, doing payroll and other financial tasks for a health insurance company - 10 years
8.  Author

Okay, that equals 8 jobs.  I guess I am not normal.  Time to turn in my resignation.  I need two more jobs for the statistics to be right.  Wait a minute.  Dogsitter and mother.  There -- I'm good.

Have a great day and may you love what you do!

R. K. Avery