Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Best Laid Plans

Yesterday I started my day at 4:30 when the alarm went off.  I drug myself out of bed and got dressed and ready for work.  I always try to stop a moment in the morning and give our 4 dogs a treat of some sort.  They don't eat breakfast until my husband gets up a couple hours later.

On my way to work I was yawning and exhausted.  I promised myself when I got off work later in the day, I was going straight home, putting on my pajamas, curling up with a good novel, and taking it easy, maybe even falling asleep early.  The perfect evening in my book.

Shortly before I left work my son called and said he needed two pairs of basketball shorts by today for Gym class.  Okay, I can swing by Champs, get the shorts and still be home in plenty of time to do what I planned to do.  Of course once I went to Champs, which was next door to Cold Stone Creamery, it would be a sin not to stop in and get an ice cream, wouldn't it? 

Okay, back in the car on my way home.  My phone rings.  It's my daughter.  She is searching the house high and low for something and asked if I had seen it.  Of course I hadn't.  She said it was laying on the counter top in the kitchen and now it was gone.  She asked if I could help her look when I got home.  I told her I would help and we looked and looked and looked and some time later she found the item, up in her room, where she left it. 

By now it was late and my plan of putting on my pajamas and curling up with a good book seemed to be a mute point.  I finally climb into bed around 9:00, exhausted and drained certain as soon as my head hit the pillow I would be out.  My daughter comes into my room, turns on the light, and is holding our dog Boo.  Boo is the matriarch of the hounds.  She will be 10 in October.  My daughter asks me if it looks like Boo's face is swollen.  She has a lot of hair but sure enough, after an examination, her face under all the hair is HUGE and her right eye is almost shut.  She looks like a hedgehog.  We wrap a Benadryl in some bologna and she eats it but she can't relax; constantly digging and rubbing all over the furniture and floor.  Something is bothering her that's for sure.  Did she get stung by a bee?  Bit by something?  Whatever it was, her face was getting bigger by the minute.

I'm still exhausted but now I can't seem to sleep thinking her windpipe might close up and cause her to suffocate.  She finally settled down and slept by my legs.  All night long I kept reaching down to make sure her body was still warm.  This morning, you will be happy to know, her face isn't nearly as bad.  I think she's on the mend.

Tonight when I get off work I'm going to ... never mind.

Best laid plans....

R. K. Avery