Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy World Vegetarian Day!

Did you know, October 1st is World Vegetarian Day?  It is a day set aside to encourage all of us to eat more fruits and vegetables.  We all know fruits and vegetables are good for our health but vegetarians have taken this love of fruit and vegetables even further by not eating meat of any kind.  Usually this conviction stems from a moral or ethical dilemma where they are opposed to killing animals for food.  I have known a few vegetarians in my life and some do it for the sake of the animal, and others do it for the sake of their own health, trying to lower their cholesterol or blood pressure.  Either way, you can't disagree that fruits and vegetables are good for you.

I do not claim to be a vegetarian but I can say I have not had red meat since 1993.  When I was pregnant with my daughter, just the site and smell of it made me sick.  I would actually gag walking through the grocery store.  So, I stopped eating it and have never gone back (I also stopped grocery shopping so my husband does it every week).  Now, if I eat something that may have hamburger as an ingredient (such as soup or chili), it tastes very metallic to me and I have a hard time swallowing it.  I also have a difficult time with pork; sausage and ribs mostly.  I do, however, enjoy my chicken and turkey.  I also like some seafood's.  Not the ones that taste fishy but shrimp and scallops are wonderful.

Then we have vegans who take everything to a whole new level, not eating any animal or any animal by-product.  This would include eggs, dairy products and cheese.  Although I can't begin to understand how difficult it must be for vegans to prepare a meal or even go out to a nice restaurant, their conviction and commitment to loving all of God's creatures is nothing short of amazing.

Anyway, this day is used to promote awareness of the issues and to encourage others to educate themselves on the benefits of becoming a vegetarian. Seeing as fruits and vegetables are very healthy for you, it's a good day to try a vegetarian diet. You might just be surprised at how good it tastes.
R. K. Avery