Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloween Week!

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Since it is Halloween week, I thought I would share some scary stories.  This first one is actually true.  Two years ago in May, my best friend and I went to Savannah, Georgia for a long four day weekend.  We have always been fascinated with ghosts and things like that.  Whether they are real or not isn't really the point, it's just fun to believe in something that cannot be explained.

Savannah, as you may or may not know is one of the most haunted cities.  The city was literally built on the dead.  Roads cover cemeteries with ancient graves that hold slaves and colonialists.  Homes and buildings sit on top of Native American burial grounds.  Massive fires, battles, yellow-fever epidemics and hurricanes have taken thousands of lives leaving behind unsettled spirits.  So when my bff and I decided to go, we were anxious to take a ghost tour.

Turns out we didn't really need a ghost tour.  As soon as we checked into our hotel, strange things started happening.  The first of which was a knock on the door which produced no one standing on the other side.

Then I left the room for a minute to get some ice and when I returned, the sink in the bathroom was full of water yet no one had turned on the spigot.  

I slept in the bed closest to the bathroom.  I felt something tapping the bed down by my feet, almost like they were using the bed to guide them through the darkness.  My friend got up and I watched her walk to the bathroom.  She touched the end of my bed a few times to steady herself.  "Whew," I thought.  "It was just her going to the bathroom".  I mentioned it to her and she said, "That was the first time I've been up all night." 

Lastly, my friend bought a ring at one of those touristy spots and it disappeared.  She placed it on her nightstand when she went to sleep and in the morning it was gone.  We looked everywhere; under beds, in the linens, it our suitcases.  The ring never resurfaced. 

As we've told this story countless times, people have asked why we didn't leave or ask for another room.  Why?  It was what we came for and Savannah did not disappoint.

Have a ghostly good day.

R. K. Avery