Wednesday, October 2, 2013


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It's a good time to be from northeast Ohio.  Our Cleveland Browns have a better record than the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Maybe I need to say that again just so it can sink in; our Cleveland Browns have a better record than the Pittsburgh Steelers!  They are 0 and 4 and we are 2 and 2.  Yeah Baby!

And tonight, the city of Cleveland will shine as our Indians take the mound against the Tampa Bay Rays.  This is a Wild Card game which brings us one step closer to the World Series.

The Indians were in the World Series once before.  It was 1995 and I was lucky enough to get 4 standing room only tickets on a mail in lottery.  My dad, my husband, my husbands friend and I went and stood the entire time right above the 1st base line.  They were playing against the Atlanta Braves and the Indians won.  Unfortunately they didn't win the sereis but it was still exciting, just the crowd and the feeling in the stadium was electric.  It was the first time the Indians had been to the World Series in 41 years and I can honestly say I was there and I got to share it with the two most important men in my life at the time; my dad and my husband.  I still have those tickets and keep thinking I want to get them framed but I haven't done it.

Now if we could get our Cavs on the right path everything would be perfect and Cleveland would be a winning sports city once again.


R. K. Avery