Monday, July 22, 2013

Traffic Woes

They say here in northeast Ohio we have two seasons; winter and road construction.  It used to be that winter seemed like it lasted for several months, now I'm beginning to think road construction is the longest season. 

There is a main road that goes east to west in my area that has been closed since April 1, 2012.  Sadly, it was not an April Fools Day joke.  They are building a railroad bridge which was badly needed.  My city is a train haven.  Last I heard we have 140 trains go through every day, two of which are Amtrak passenger trains.  The tracks are far enough from me that the sound doesn't hinder my life; I kinda like hearing a train whistle blowing off in the distance, it's very soothing.  But getting caught by a train on your way to work is not fun.  I used to count the cars but that made me a little nauseous so now I just sit and play on my phone. 

Since the road has been closed, a detour route was established which adds 10 - 15 minutes onto my daily commute to and from work.  One of the other roads that also runs east to west, which was used as an alternate, is now closed indefinitely.  A 100-year-old railroad bridge started loosing some of it's bricks and mortar on the underside and one fell on and damaged a vehicle.  While the railroad company decides what to do with it, it is still used for train traffic but no one can go underneath.

Another road that goes east to west is typically so congested, it takes twice as long to get half as far.  Did you get that?  Twice as long to get half as far.  So I finally decided to take the last and final road that goes east to west to find my way to work.  Believe it or not it was down to one lane.  They were trimming trees to get them off of the power lines.  Seriously?  Who plans these things?  Four out of four roads closed or limited access.  Have the traffic Gods spoken?  Should I just stay home?

Have a great Monday and plan extra time.  No telling what might get in your way!

R. K. Avery