Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Facebook is a wonderful tool.  You can get information out to a large variety of people that Facebook has termed your "friends", but when you think about it, it is also a very odd tool.  Where else can you publicly poke someone and get away with it?

I have two Facebook accounts.  One as myself and the other is just for R. K. Avery.  R. K. Avery has more friends than I do, many whom she does not know.  (I think of her as another person separate from myself.) 

Many of my high school classmates have reached out and it's nice to catch up with them, to hear stories about their lives or see pictures of their kids or grandkids.  It makes you miss the good old days, and then it makes you realize how some people will never grow up. 

It's also interesting that you are always notified when someone wants to be your friend yet if someone decides they have had enough, they drop off your friends list and you never know until several months later when you realize you haven't seen any posts from that person in a while.  Then you wonder why.  Did you say something that offended them?  Did they just close out their account all together?  Are they still alive? 

About a year or so ago a "group" was created just for my high school graduating class.  Several posts went back and forth discussing all our classmates that have already passed, which is very sad.  Someone commented a gal I graduated with had passed away.  Moments later there was a message from her: "I am alive and well."

Like I said, Facebook is wonderful but also very odd.

Don't even get me started on twitter :)

R. K. Avery