Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Dream Job

I am working every available minute on the rewrites and edits for book #3, Reflection in the Mirror.  Last night I went and had a mani/pedi and while they were working on my toes, I was working on my book.  Of course when they were doing my nails, I had to put it down but that didn't stop me from thinking about it.  I went with blue this time but still with sparkles, I love my sparkles :)

It's funny how you can write something and it sounds and looks really good.  You put it aside for a couple a months and then go back and reread it and you wonder what you were thinking; you see several situations that make no sense, and even me, the writer, loses track of who is speaking.  And the typos!  Goodness! 

But I promised Kathie I would have it to her by the middle of July and my goal is to get it there by Friday.  I cannot wait to see what type of book cover they come up.  Her team of graphic artists is so talented, I am in aww.  So, onward I go.  Working my real job and then working my dream job.  I much prefer the dream job.

Have a great day everyone.  Hopefully it won't rain today but I saw a funny post on Facebook.  It said, "What are you complaining about?  It's only rained twice this summer.  Once for 18 days and another time for 12 days."  That's about the truth :)

R. K. Avery