Thursday, July 18, 2013

If only life had a DO OVER button

This is a true story from Friday, May 10th.  I found it in my archives and wanted to share.

My day started off at 5:45 when the alarm went off and I rolled over and decided I was taking the day off -- sinus headache was killing me.  Ten minutes later the house phone rang, which I did not answer because I thought my husband would pick it up.

Two minutes later someone was knocking on the door which I got up to answer.  It was our next door neighbor.  She is a nurse at my son's school and had graciously offered to give him a ride since it was the day of the class field trip and he had to be at the school at 6:15 for their trip to Washington DC.  My husband decided to take him to breakfast and then drop him off at the school.  Somehow, they never thought it was important to let the neighbor know.

So I opened the door to tell her my husband had taken him and Princess gets out.  She is half beagle, a very fast runner, and when she hears the voices in her head shouting "Run Forrest Run", she does.  I go out the door in my PJ's to catch her.  She is bouncing around me like it's the most fun game in the world.  My head feels like it's half way between a brain tumor and an aneurysm.  I am finally close enough to grab her collar and when I turn around to go back in, I have locked myself out of the house.  No biggie.  We go to the garage, key in the code, and we finally get back in to hear the house phone ringing again.

It is my husband asking if I would like a cup of coffee from McDonalds.  If course I would.  He informs me he has not fed the dogs which we do every morning.  We hang up and I go to send a text message to my boss and another gal I was supposed to have lunch with.  After that I go back into the kitchen and start getting the four plates ready for the dogs.

Princess is a pig and eats her food like a refugee so I have to put her plate in the small powder room off the kitchen to prevent her from eating everyone else's.  I have her plate of food and she is following me, jumping all excited, and our other dog, Mali decides she doesn't like this so she attacks her.  Mostly just noise but I'm still trying to break it up as dog food is flying everywhere.  Finally I grab Mali by the collar and Princess lunges at her, missing her but instead bites the calf on my right leg.  No blood but seven teeth marks and a huge bruise that hurt really bad.  Here's a picture a few days after the initial bite.

Finally I get Princess in the powder room with what's left of her food and the other three are eating in the kitchen.  I sit down to rest, head still pounding.  My husband comes in with my coffee and a breakfast burrito.  I sigh, open the wrapper and start to eat while he goes outside to carry the trash to the curb.  A minute later he comes in and says he needs my help as one of the trash bags broke open and he didn't know and drug it all the way down the driveway, leaving a trail of trash behind him.  I grab a broom and the dust pan and go out to clean up the driveway.  I came back in, took some pain pills and went back to bed.

Where's the button for a do over when you need it?

R. K. Avery