Friday, December 13, 2013

Priceless Holiday Memories

I haven't given a twitter update in quite a while, have I?  Well, total twitter followers:  644  followers.  Ya hoo!

When my daughter, who is now 19, was in the first grade, after the Christmas break, they were given the assignment of writing a story about their holiday.  Being only in the 1st grade, her vocabulary was much better than her spelling skills.

Anyway, she turns in her story and it comes back home in her “take home folder”. 

I read it and just about die laughing wondering what in the world her teacher must think of us.

Her story was a list all the nice toys she got from S A T A N!  Yes, you heard correctly.  Old Lucifer himself brings presents to our house on Christmas.  lol

I saved that story and put it with my other mementos.  Even though she still gets embarrassed to this day when I bring it up, I think it is priceless!

When my son, who is now 15, was little, he was obsessed with vacuum cleaners.  I don't mean he liked them, he was obsessed.  When most kids go to the store, they want to go to the toy aisle.  Not him, he wanted to go see the vacuum cleaners.  So Santa brought him a little Dirt Devil vacuum and he played with that thing more than I've ever seen a kid that age play with anything.  It actually "sucked" up dirt, not a lot, but it did. 

I was hoping that was a sign of things to come and when he got older, he would love to vacuum the house.  How delusional I was but it's still a great memory.

Happy Holidays to you!  May your home be filled with priceless memories.

R. K. Avery