Friday, December 27, 2013

Best Christmas Gift!

I've been very blessed in my life.  I've always had plenty of food to eat, a nice warm place to rest my head and the love of family and friends.  I can't ever remember going without.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not spoiled.  I don't get everything my little heart desires but I am very blessed that I have everything I need. 

You see there is a huge difference between WANTS and NEEDS.  As I grow older, I'm trying to remind myself of that everyday.  Do you really NEED those new boots or do you just WANT them?  Do you really NEED that snowman to add to your collection of thousands or do you just WANT it?  Do you really NEED a puppy, that will turn into a dog, to join the other four you already have or do you just WANT it? (I'm not doing a great job of convincing myself here as I think I NEED the puppy -- No, no you don't, you just WANT it.)

That being said, Christmas is the time of year when wants and needs get tossed out the window and this year was no exception.  I got the most wonderful Christmas gift from my husband.  It was not something I needed but every now and then it's okay to splurge and go for the unexpected. 

I had a book signing in the summer and our local TV weatherman was there.  His name is Dick Goddard and he's been a staple of the Cleveland airwaves my entire life.  He sat a few booths over from me and I noticed he had a bobble head--a Dick Goddard bobble head--a little miniature version of himself.  I said out loud to no one in particular, "I want a bobble head." 

Well, my husband was taking notes.   For Christmas he got me my very own R. K. Avery Bobble Head!  She is beauty-full and not just because she looks like me, but because she is.  So much thought and time went into getting her just perfect and I appreciate it more than I can say.  And look how skinny she is!

Thanks hun!  As always, you did a wonderful job of getting me the perfect gift.  And thanks to your little assistants who helped you pull it off.  I do love you guys!  This is even better than saying, "He went to Jared!"

R. K. Avery