Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas, 2013

I hope everyone had a great holiday and it lived up to your expectations.  Sometimes we put such added stress on ourselves trying to make everything picture perfect, when in reality, if humans are involved, life is seldom perfect.

If you ever notice in all those pictures in magazines were the table is set just so with matching linens and china and candles are lit and the centerpiece looks like something Martha Stewart herself created from scratch.   The food is piping hot and just the right proportions fill each dish and bowl making them so inviting.  Something missing from all those pictures is people.  There are no people.  If there were people, the table would not be perfect.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have the ones I love surrounding me than the perfect table setting that no one can touch.

Yesterday was a first for me.  My family has been battling that dreadful stomach virus.  My son had it first on Saturday.  Being the good mommy that I am, I cleaned up after him and washed all his bedding to get rid of the germs.  Along with being a good mommy, I got it next.  I was sick all Sunday evening and it just wiped me out.  I slept for 2 days.  My husband, being the good husband he is, helped me wash our bedding and he sanitized all the dishes with extra hot water to kill any lingering bacteria.  Well, he got it yesterday.  He spent most of Christmas in bed battling the stomach demons.  In our family, when we share, we share! 

It was the first time in my life I did not see my mom, dad and sister on Christmas.  It was the first time in my life I didn’t wake up to the anticipation of presents and boundless food.  Instead, I sat around all day watching holiday movies on TV.  And you know what?  Even though I missed seeing everyone, it was nice.  (I did talk to them on the phone.)  Seldom do we have the time to just sit around and do nothing.  I took the time.  I shared precious time with my daughter.  It was a great day. 

So, do what makes you happy and even if things don’t turn out like you had envisioned, embrace the change and enjoy.  Oh, and Happy Boxing Day Canada!

R. K. Avery