Monday, November 4, 2013

Taking the Train to the City

When my kids were little I would tell them we were going on an adventure and I would pack them in the car, grab the diaper bag and stroller, and off we would go. 

I would drive to a parking area about 15 miles from our home and we would catch a train that took us into the city.  The train in my area is called a Rapid, but it's very similar to the subway, the only difference is for the most part, it runs above ground.  It's about a 20 - 25 minute ride, depending on how many people climb on and off at each stop, from where you board to where to reach your destination.  We usually went on a rainy or cold day when the kids couldn't play outside.

Well, both my kids remember these adventures and this past weekend, even though they are older, we all piled into the car and took the train to a downtown shopping mall including my husband who had never gone with us before.  He would rather drive instead of take the train but there's just something about it that is very exciting to me.  You get to see sites you don't see on the highway.  You get to see people and beautiful graffiti.  There is even a small diner at one of the stops and when the train doors open, the smell of food is heavenly.

My daughter and her fiance did some Christmas shopping while the rest of us got our fill of people watching.  My son is on the lookout for a new pair of shoes so he went in and out of multiple shoe stores not finding what he wanted.  Actually, he did find want he thought he wanted but they were too tight so he didn't get them. 

We ate lunch at the food court which is nice; something to satisfy every pallet no matter how picky.  I ran into an old friend and we chatted for a bit.  It was wonderful seeing her and she is still just as beautiful as ever.

My hope is when my kids grow up and have a family of their own, they will continue to do things like this.  Something that started out as trying to find an activity to do on a rainy day has turned into a lasting memory. 

May all your memories be worthwhile.

R. K. Avery