Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Day After Marooned Without a Compass Day

Ever hear of those weird, obscure holidays that people mention but no one really celebrates?  Days like National Donut Day (I did get a free donut once so I guess you can say I celebrated), Sandwich Day, Cuddle Up Day, Bean Day, etc.  You get the picture.  Well yesterday was one of those days and we missed it!  It was Marooned Without a Compass Day.

How is your sense of direction? I am directionally challenged to say the least.  When giving me directions, don’t tell me to go west or turn and head south.  I am a 'turn left' or 'make a right turn' type of gal.  Once my husband tried to explain it to me, "West is always west.  North is always north.  If you tell someone the building is on the right side of the street, that’s fine if they always come from the same direction.  If they come the opposite way, the building would be on the left side of the street. But if you say it is on the south side of the street that holds true no matter what direction they come from".  I guess he has a point but still, it is very confusing to me. 

So I ask, are you like me?  Do you get lost easily? Do you always know where you are? If someone were to spin you around three times, would you have a hard time finding your way to the bathroom in your own home?  If any of these questions define your current state of being, then yesterday was a great holiday for you.

However, as any good Boy Scout would tell you, just navigate by the position of the sun and the stars. Use you orienteering skills. Check the trees for moss as it always grows on the shaded, north side of a tree trunk.  (Is that the right or left side of a tree trunk?)

Regardless, I hope you took advantage of this lesser known holiday and enjoyed being lost without a compass for a day.  Did you kick back and enjoy some down time?  Take a break from your busy life and relax?  So today when the sun rises to the right go in search of that mossy tree and navigate your way to work, which by the way is on the left side of the street.

Happy Day After Marooned Without a Compass Day!!!

R. K. Avery