Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oxymorons Rock!

I forgot to post a diet update yesterday.  I was so excited about the turkey chili, it just slipped my mind :)  Anyway, I was down another 2 pounds for a total of 8.5 pounds.  Woot woot!

As a writer, I am always thinking about words.  Words that are different that mean the same thing.  Words that you can use to make yourself sound educated and sophisticated.  Then I started thinking about oxymorons.  Words that are shoved together, and are perfectly acceptable, yet they have completely opposite meanings. 

Here is one in a sentence:  It left a pretty ugly scar across his neck.  Is the scar pretty or is it ugly?  It can't be both yet when you read the sentence, it makes perfect sense. 

Here's another one:  Last night we went out to eat and I ordered the jumbo shrimp. Really?  Were they jumbo or were they shrimp?  Last time I checked, shrimp was another word for tiny.

How about this:  Just act naturally.  If you are acting naturally, you aren't acting and if you are acting, you aren't natural. 

The English language just blows my mind.  It's no wonder people have such a hard time with it. 

Here's a list of several more.  You can make your own sentences :)

open secret
found missing
deafening silence
minor crisis
exact estimate
seriously funny
tragic comedy
same difference
only choice
clearly confused
freezer burn
rolling stop

May you have a wonderful day and I hope it's almost exactly what you wish for.

R. K. Avery