Monday, September 9, 2013

Columbus, OH - IO

Weekends are such a wonderful time to de-stress and rejuvenate for the busy week ahead.  This past weekend was fabulous.  My children (son, daughter, daughter's fiance) and I went to Columbus, Ohio to visit my cousin.  I don't like to post names on my blog to protect the privacy of those I talk about but let's just say one of the characters in my books is named after this cousin as I love her dearly.

For the techno generation that tagged along with my cousin and I (only the boys - my daughter is more like me) they were a bit bored as society has led them to believe their brain should be stimulated in high-definition at all times and it is our job to entertain them.  I do not fall into this theory.  To me, there is nothing more relaxing and beautiful than the world and the surroundings the good Lord has made for us.  Sitting in a park looking at a beautiful lake with a fountain beats the heck out of sitting in front of a computer playing combat games any day of the week.  But I digress.

While there, we visited the absolute coolest independent book store called The Book Loft.  It is located in the German Village.  Room after room, floor after floor of books, books and more books.  All the kids actually liked it.

When we went in, my cousin went over to the check out area and asked if they carried any books by R. K. Avery.  He quickly entered it in his computer and said they did not have any in stock but they could order them from Ingram if she wanted them.  Then my cousin said, "Would you like to meet R. K. Avery?" and she introduced me.  We shook hands and I gave him some of my information.  Hopefully they will get back in touch with me and I can go down and do a book signing.  That would be awesome!

We also stopped and enjoyed some ice cream (the kids) and frozen yogurt (me and my cousin) at Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream.  It really was splendid!

Columbus is only two and a half hours south of where I live (more like four hours when you take a certain someone who has to pee every fifteen minutes - lol).  Sometimes people forget all the wonderful things they can see and do a short distance from where they live.  Weekend trips are the best!

Enjoy your Monday.

R. K. Avery