Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dog Sitting

Several years ago, as I've written before, we had two dogs, a Yorkie named Freddie and a Maltese named Lacey.  We loved those dogs and when they passed away, we felt like we had lost a child.  While we loved the dogs, we weren't so thrilled with the breed specific issues they seemed to have.  So we thought, for our next dog, we wanted to find a mix of the two and at the time, it was unheard of.  I contacted a breeder who bred both Yorkies and Malteses and asked if she ever bred them together.  You would have thought I asked her to help me rob a bank.  She was dumbfounded.  So I went in search of a breeder that didn't feel the same way she did.

Our first Morkie came from a breeder about 40 miles south of where we live.  She was and still is adorable.  Boo will always be my favorite (don't tell the others).  Since it was so hard for us to find a Morkie, we got the bright idea to find a male and mate them.  Of course we wanted one that was not related to our Boo and we finally found him, almost in the next state, about 4 hours south of where we live.  Sully and Boo hit it off and to this day, they are like 2 peas in a pod.  If one is missing, the other is heart sick until they return.  As luck would have it, Boo became pregnant on the first try.  When they say they are pregant for 9 weeks, they mean it, she delivered her puppies 9 weeks later to the day. 

It that litter she had two puppies and they were adorable.  Mojo and Layla.  When they left to their new adoptive families, I was heartbroken.  So what's the cure?  A new puppy of course.  We found our third Morkie, Mali (pronounced May-lee) from a breeder about 50 miles north of where we live.  So now we had 2 females and 1 male.  Needless to say, our male was a happy camper for the next couple of years.  Our girls, in total, had 15 puppies.  To each adopted family we offered a lifetime of free dog sitting services.  This was my way of seeing the puppies and making sure they were healthy and happy.  Not everyone has taken us up on it but several have. 

As a matter of fact, right now we are dog sitting for two of the grandpuppies.  Yes, that's right, with my four we now have six dogs in our house.  Here is a pic of me trying to take a nap.

Did you count them?  Six dogs all sleeping with me trying to push me off the bed!  Awwww, at my house it's always a dogs life!

May you have a cold nose to greet you and show you unconditional love.

R. K. Avery